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Brand salience is the prominence and notability of a brand. For buyers on the fence, a salient brand springs to mind when it matters most. Salience deals with visibility – if your brand isn’t at the forefront of customer’s minds when purchasing, it’s practically invisible.

To be salient is to be instantly recognisable and unforgettable – shaped by your strength in the market. How many times have you gone for a household name over an unknown brand during difficult buying decisions? Increased visibility will take your brand out of the shadows and into the hearts and minds of customers.

That’s the salience effect. But how do you increase brand salience? If your fledgling business needs a boost, there are many ways to become more salient. Salience is the puppet string which pulls customers into your brand. By creating associations and memories, customers will gravitate to your brand time and time again.

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Anu Ojo
5 Star
I quoted some stats in my portfolio from a report produced by Salience but forgot to reference. After a couple months later I was unable to find the article on their website and was extremely worried as my submission deadline was looming. So I went on their website and started a live chat conversation. Marcus responded in less than 5 minutes and went above and beyond to get me the information I needed. He was indeed a pleasure to speak to and I now have such a positive impression of the company. Not only for quality research material but excellent customer service. 5 Stars.
Wednesday 12th August 2020
Angus Hils
5 Star
After reading a report Salience produced on the UK Bike Market I sent an email to Marcus asking if he had any extra information on something I was particularity interested in. Marcus got back to me within a day and (hate to sound like Ofsted) but went above and beyond helping me with my request. He explained everything very well so that I could understand it and was a pleasure to interact with. It's helpful people like Marcus that make you remember a company. 5 Stars.
Tuesday 26th November 2019
Mark Curtoys
5 Star
"Salience" The quality of prominence, yes I think so. I am now a seasoned home schooler and was looking for sign posts to market research required for my sons A Level DT project. I found these guys, who are a breath of fresh air. I had just previously spent two hours of my life which I will never get back with an other stats company. The operative fell off her script at an early point in proceedings ( Sadly no bump) and I was not quite sure if I was communicating with a bot or a person. It was in fact a person. Salience on the other hand showed an interest, cared, listened, and provided a solution, without demanding money from me at any point along the way. Great company DNA. Thank you, well done, and goodbye.
Wednesday 27th January 2021
Camilo González López
5 Star
One of the few market research firms offering information for free and with excellent customer service. My requests were taken care of in less than 12 hours by Marcus, who was more than helpful.
Wednesday 13th May 2020
Sophie Potticary
5 Star
I was shocked how easy is was to book an appointment with Salience. I spoke to Marcus for 15 mintues. He was delightful, uplifting and more importantly so helpful! Thanks!
Tuesday 23rd March 2021