How Social Media Affects Your Reputation Management

Reputation management reviews are something that goes hand in hand. Any company out there wants to make sure they have a clean online reputation with stellar reviews. But unfortunately, this is not always the case.

There are certain strategies companies can take to make sure they have great relationships with their customers. This will lead them to keep coming back, referring new clientele as well as writing and saying great things about your brand.

In order to create more demand for your business, you can use quantitative methods to quality leads. There are certainly scores some leads will get that incorporate some behavioral data in the model. The lead scores of those people who open your emails, download your whitepaper or request a demo are higher than those who don’t.

If you do not have social activity in your lead scoring model, then you are going to miss a vital piece of information in your demand generation data. Social media activities give companies a good idea for top-of-funnel interest. With social media in your lead scoring model, you can find out who is showing interest in your company.

In order to found out, you can click on a certain post that is similar to an email campaign or paid ad. A retweet can be regarded as a higher scoring than a click. You can assume the lead visited that content and is now endorsing it and engaging with it.

When someone follows you, it is a proactive step to subscribe and it is similar to when someone subscribes to your blog or newsletter. A direct message reply requires a small amount of time investment and shows a specific interest.

When you dig deeper and do research on just whom your prospects follow in social media, it can even provide great insight into their mindset. If someone is following Gary Vee, Richard Branson, and other similar people, you can get more information on what kind of person they are as compared to someone who follows people like Kim Kardashian.

The followers of certain Twitter handles such as influencers in your industry, executives in your company or LinkedIn groups are expressions of interest you can score as well.

So when you want people to get to know you further, the information you put out there on yourself are good indications of who you are. So next time you are looking for a job be sure you put your best foot forward.

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