How Android Apps Boost Growth for Different Industry Verticals


Every business:

No matter which industry vertical it belongs to has to survive tough competition in the current scenario. The quality of goods or services a business offers determines its success to a great extent.

Yet, it is the marketing approach which emerges as the true game changer. The current trend is that of adopting m-commerce to capitalize on the popularity of mobile as a shopping channel. As a result, almost every single business is keen to avail the services of a mobile app development company to design an app for their business.

When it comes to mobile apps, there is a choice between those developed for Android and iOS. Most businesses tend to start with one platform first and then move on to the other two as they get a positive response. Android apps get the first preference because of the sheer number of Android users across the globe.

By having an Android application, a business that already has an online presence with an e-commerce store can take itself to the next level. It gets the benefit of reaching out to the huge potential market of smartphone users. Additionally, mobile apps build customer loyalty and improve brand presence.

Let’s have a look at how Android applications influence the business growth industry-wide:


The retail industry includes FMCG, groceries, fashion and lifestyle, food chains, and more. Businesses in this vertical are able to get booming sales by investing in android app development. They can promote their products as these apps give them 24/7 connectivity with the customers.

These applications bring together the best of physical and virtual parameters for an ultimate shopping experience. Customers can browse and shop the products anytime, with shopping-on-the-go becoming the main conversion-driving factor.


Enterprise mobility apps bring an array of advantages for manufacturing units. These Android apps are empowered with advanced features and functionalities that can be used to streamline the workflow of the unit.

From inventory management to logistics, work orders, invoicing, and customer service, these apps handle all the processes to perfection. At the same time, these enhance the productivity of the employees too, as they can work from any location.

Banking & Finance:

Hiring an Android Developer to go mobile is a smart move for banking and financial service providers too. The reason is that mobile banking, with its convenience and security, is becoming exceedingly popular among users.

Investment firms and finance companies can provide better services with Android apps. Customer engagement is enhanced with easy transactions, information about new products and services, and special schemes being accessible at a single click.


The magic of m-commerce has also touched the healthcare industry, bringing positive benefits of hospitals, caregivers, pharma store, and of course, the patients. Several healthcare Android applications are already providing impeccable services to patients.

These apps offer complete healthcare functions, from diagnostics to appointments, monitoring, reminders, and more. These are being used to share patient data, enable interaction between the doctors and patients, and ensure that they get comprehensive care. Specialized applications have been created to facilitate the workflow in hospitals too.

Real Estate:

Real estate is another industry vertical that has experienced the power of Android applications. Real estate apps enable the users to check out location-based property listings, rent details, and more. At the same time, business owners are able to increase the ROI as well as get more leads with these smart apps. They also boost the credibility of the business.

Travel & Hospitality:

Mobile apps have become the mainstay of marketing for the travel and hospitality services. The reason is that most travel buffs prefer to use them for all travel arrangements including reservations and ticketing.

Additionally, these apps offer a host of ancillary features such as weather checks, nearby tourist attractions, restaurants, shopping destinations, and more. All in all, travel apps are the best thing that has happened to the global tourism industry.


Mobile applications have made education a learning experience today. These make learning an interactive process, where students can access expert help by just tapping their mobile screen. There are apps that offer complete information about courses, educational institutions, and career guidance.

Entertainment & Gaming:

The entertainment industry has come across huge opportunities with mobile apps specially created for movies, music, gaming, and more. The movie apps cater to movie-lovers with information such as release dates, previews, reviews, and trivia.

Gaming enthusiasts have numerous options to pick from, such as educational, sports, puzzles, adventure, and action gamed. Not only do these apps generate revenue and engage the users but enable brand building too.

The benefits of switching over to mobile applications are unbeatable. This is one investment that a business should not cringe on. A well-designed and a fully-functional app is the best way to promote a business as well as increase its profitability, irrespective of the industry vertical it represents.

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