Experience the Power of Push Notifications for Your Mobile Apps


When it comes to achieving success in m-commerce space, having a great-looking and high-performance mobile app is not enough. You have to ensure that it engages users and drives sales for your business.

Adopting sound marketing strategies is important for promoting Mobile application. A typical strategy combines conventional promotional tools such as social media, emails, and SMS. Besides these, digital marketers are engaged in looking for more ways to popularize the apps.

Push notifications make one of the most powerful and innovative tools for e-commerce marketing. Availing Magento e-commerce app development enables you to have this feature included in your business accessories as Magento is a platform that provides an array of functionalities including push notifications.

More About Push Notifications:

A push notification refers to a message which appears on the mobile home screen through an app which has been installed on it. These serve the purpose of conveying messages related to the latest products, offers, updates, and promotions that the business has come up with.

These notifications play a vital role in engaging more customers for e-commerce businesses. For this reason, more and more sellers want to harness the power of push notifications as a feature of their Magento e-commerce mobile app.

There are lots of facts and figures to support the efficacy of this smart marketing strategy. Studies have shown that the engagement rates of apps have gone almost three times with push notifications.

They also increase the app open rates as well as retention rates to a considerable extent. The advantages of using push notifications as marketing tools are endless:

They are free, which makes them the most cost-effective way of promoting your app.The best thing about them is that they are not intrusive as the user has the choice to opt-in or opt-out. Only the user who has installed the app and opted in for the notification receives it.

Push notifications enable geographical selectivity. The user’s location can be sensed to provide the best offers in their proximity. These notifications can be used to track and analyze the user behavior and frame strategies accordingly. Availability of user data and analysis also enables their segmentation and target marketing.

Strategies For Using Push Notifications Effectively:

Once you have the Magento e-commerce development experts include a push notification in your app, you need to use it to your advantage. Here are the best practices and strategies to adopt:

Have Users Opt-In:

A push notification becomes functional only when people opt-in to be notified with the alert. The best way to have the users opt-in is to ask them to do it as soon as they install the app.

They are more likely to subscribe if you explain them the value you are offering. They should also be given the control of opt-out when they want to. This eliminates the risk of having them uninstall the app if they are being disturbed by repeated notifications.

Conveying The Right Message:

It is important for the notification to convey the right message so that the user gets interested enough to read it. There are also character limits for alerts, which need to be considered while copywriting them. Reminder messages such as those related to the abandoned cart can be used to complete the sales.

The Right Timing:

You should understand the significance of sending the alerts at the right timings according to the time zones in which the subscribers are located. Disturbing them at the wrong time can force them to opt-out or even uninstall the app.

Frequency Of Alerts:

Do not send too many alerts time and again as these would irritate the user and drive them away. While overdoing is wrong, posting too infrequently is equally harmful to app engagement.

Personalized Messages:

The success of a marketing strategy greatly depends on personalization and it is the same with push notifications. You can carry out the segmentation of the users on the basis of their location, behavior, and preferences. A targeted approach with personalized notifications would give you better results.

Discard Redundant Notifications:

Notifications are liable to lose their relevance with the passage of time such as those related to limited time deals and offers. It is important to discard such irrelevant messages so that they do not disturb the subscribers.

An optimized push notification campaign has the ability to take your online business to the next level. Push notifications empower you with the ability to engage the users but these have to be used with care and discretion. You have to aspire for balance, as too much can drive away the users and too little can make your app forgettable.

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